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Microxpress Viral Transport Medium

Posted by anna on March 2, 2022

Microxpress VTM kit is a specially formulated solution for the collection and transportation of viral specimens. The medium is designed to maintain optimal viability and prevent cross-contamination. It contains Hanks Balanced Salt Solution and protective protein antibiotics. It also contains buffers to maintain pH levels. A cryoprotectant is included to protect viruses when they are frozen for long storage. It is recommended for researchers working with live or weakened viral samples.

Mantacc Virus Transport Medium

MANTACC is a leading brand in medical-grade transportation devices. It is perfect for a variety of antigen testing, diffraction-fractionated analysis, viral culture, and mol-based assays. In addition to a variety of other products, the company also manufactures a series of private-brand viral transport media and flocked swabs, as well as a DNA collection kit.

The MANTACC transport medium is a sterile saline solution that can be used for rapid antigen testing, viral culture, and molecular-based assays. The fluid should not be diluted with other liquids. It is essential to properly sterilize samples before they are transported to the laboratory. The MANTACC transport medium is available in a range of sizes, from 10 mL to 500 mL.

For storing and transporting clinical specimens, the Mantacc viral transport medium is an excellent choice. It keeps viral samples at room temperature for up to 72 hours and can be stored for up to three days in a refrigerator. The solution is sterile, FDA-cleared, and is suitable for both long-term and short-term freezer storage. To avoid contamination, it is important to properly clean and defrost the tubes before using them.

Mantacc virus transport medium has several advantages. One of its most important benefits is that it can be stored at a constant room temperature, which is essential for the transportation of virus specimens. It can also be stored for long-term use in the freezer. It is also compatible with various types of lab equipment. The product is available in different sizes, and it is possible to order a customized version. It has a white label for FDA approval, and can be purchased without beads.

The company offers several varieties of virus transport medium. There are sterile saline tubes that are best suited for viral culture. These are also FDA-cleared, which makes them an ideal choice for transportation and storage of clinical samples. The Mantacc virus transport medium can be stored for several years in a freezer, and its pH is stable for most types of bacteria. It is used for HIV testing. It is available in different sizes and is FDA-cleared.

The Mantacc brand is a private-brand series of viral transport mediums. The company focuses on DNA, saliva, and saliva collection kits. Its virus transport media helps to preserve a viral sample for 72 hours at room temperature and for 3 days in a refrigerator. In addition, the company also offers a range of different varieties of virus specimens. Whether you need a single sample or a series of swabs, Mantacc has a product for you.


The MSC-93050V is a sterile transport medium stick that is designed for use in clinical laboratories. The MSC-93050V contains a needle-punched fibre and is designed to enhance sample quality. Its design is suited for multiple different uses and can be purchased at medical facilities across the country. There are several other variations of the MSC-93050V. For example, it can be used as a disposable swab in the clinic or hospital.

The Mantacc Swab Series

The Mantacc series of medical-grade flocked swabs by Innovative Miraclean Technology Co.,Ltd. makes a difference in specimen collection, storage, and transportation. The sterile swabs are ideal for sensitive downstream applications. Customized packaging and logos are available. The swabs are easy to handle and can be refilled multiple times. The swabs are easy to store and handle and come in individual packaging.

The MSC-95000L self-collected vaginal swabs are a relatively new method of obtaining blood samples. These swabs are more sensitive than cervical swabs and are easier to process. In addition, SCVS are easier to transport and process, and contain a breakpoint in the plastic shaft. Once the tube is closed, the swabs are discarded.

The MSC-93050 Flocked swabs are characterized by the innovative nylon fibre technology that improves sample collection and sample release. The swabs are designed to release sample into a liquid transport medium immediately. The swab shaft is made of plastic with a breakpoint and a screwcapture cap. The swabs are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, with the MSC-93050 Flocked scrubbing cap available in a wide variety of colors.

Flocked swabs are made from innovative nylon fibre technology. They provide outstanding sample collection and release. These swabs have a plastic shaft with a breakpoint. The swabs also allow for immediate sample release into the liquid transport medium. They feature a screwcapture cap and are easily stored. If you're looking for an ideal solution for swabs that work well with both dry and wet conditions, consider MSC-93050 Flocked swabs.

Flocked swabs feature innovative nylon fibre technology to provide excellent sample collection and sample release. They offer faster sample collection and release into a liquid transport medium. They also have a breakpoint that prevents accidental swabs from breaking. These swabs can be used with any type of media. Unlike traditional swabs, they have a screwcapture cap that provides a clean, dry surface for sample collection.

Markets for Swab and Viral Transport Medium are segmented by type, region, and application. In the US, the market for these products is valued at nearly $xx million in 2016, according to the CDC's research. However, it must be noted that there are no specific sales figures for these products. This market segment is further subdivided into different types and regions. Its growth will be based on the types of applications and their size.

The Swab and Viral Transport Medium market is segmented according to its use. The report analyzes the growth of each segment, including sales volume, value, and application. It also identifies key opportunities and risks in the market. The report covers the major players in the market. The study includes in-depth profiles of leading manufacturers. With this knowledge, readers can make educated decisions about entering this sector.

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